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EZ Loader signs deal with Sealegs

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Arkansas-based EZ Loader Boat Trailers is now manufacturing trailers for Sealegs, the amphibious marine craft builder based in New Zealand.

“We have more customers for our trailers now than ever in the history of our company,” EZ Loader vice president Gary Potter told the Baxter Bulletin newspaper. “When we first looked at the Sealegs project we anticipated 100 trailers a year. It’s turned into something unique that will go into our portfolio.”

Scott Dyer, sales manager of Sealegs North America, said the product line has already made major penetration into recreation and working marine vessel markets.

Dyer said Sealegs boats have been put to work by Australia Emergency Services, the New Zealand Coast Guard, the Royal Thai Navy and hundreds of fire departments and first-responder services in Australia, India, Italy, Malaysia and the United States.

The new larger number of customers for EZ Loader trailers does not equate to larger volume coming from EZ Loader plants. The market is still well off prerecession marks, Potter said.

On Wednesday, the Midway plant employed 60 in the production of an average of 25 trailers a day. Before the recession the plant employed 160 to build an average of 70 trailers a day, the newspaper reported.

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