Flir’s acquisition of transportation software and data firm could expand to new markets

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Flir Systems Inc. announced today that it has acquired Acyclica, Inc., a developer of software for automotive roadway and intersection data generation and analysis.

Acyclica seeks to provide real-time traffic information to transportation departments worldwide in an effort to make roads safer and less crowded.

Though designed for land-based applications, Flir president and CEO James Cannon says Acyclica’s capabilities in data analytics and software platforms can be scaled across “numerous other Flir businesses.”

“Acquiring Acyclica is a key step for our ITS business in that it adds a new sensing platform and a data analytics software element to our mission to provide complete and valuable traffic optimization solutions for our global transportation system customers,” said Flir president and CEO James Cannon in a statement.

“The great efficiencies that are created with these ITS systems fits our mission of improving livelihoods and adds to our broader smart and safe city solutions. Additionally, we feel the capabilities of the Acyclica team in data analytics and software platforms is scalable across numerous other FLIR businesses.”

The Acyclica business will be part of FLIR’s ITS division within FLIR’s commercial business unit. FLIR anticipates this transaction to be neutral to 2018 net earnings.

Based in Denver, Co., Acyclica delivers cloud-based analytics of data generated from proprietary technology and from other sensing sources, such as visible and thermal cameras, roadway sensors, radars, and intersection signals.

The Acyclica solution is utilized by transportation departments across the globe to get a clear, accurate, and actionable view of their roadway infrastructure to improve traffic flow and safety.

Acyclica’s programs integrate into third-party Intelligent Transportation Systems, including Flir’s ITS cameras, which are currently offered with Acyclica technology on board.


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