Florida reduces sportsman’s license fee for younger applicants

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Gov. Rick Scott signed an executive order authorizing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to temporarily cut the cost of a lifetime sportsman’s license in half for children and young adults.

The license now costs as much as $1,000, but from Nov. 24 through Dec. 31 the price will be reduced to $500 for Florida residents who are 21 years old and younger, according to the executive order.

The lifetime license covers saltwater and freshwater recreational fishing, hunting and most associated permits.

“Our state’s natural treasures give families wonderful opportunities for both fishing and hunting, from the Panhandle to the Keys,” Scott said, according to Santa Rosa’s Press Gazette.

“This lifetime sportsman’s license will provide Florida’s youth with the opportunity to spend time outdoors with their families,” he said. “Fishing and hunting are time-honored traditions in our state and I encourage all Floridians to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors.”

A lifetime sportsman’s license allows fishing and hunting in Florida for the rest of the license holder’s life, even if that person is no longer a resident of the state.