FLW Outdoors sues BRP/Evinrude for sponsorship fees

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FLW Outdoors filed a lawsuit last week in Minnesota against BRP/Evinrude for what it says is a failure to pay agreed-upon sponsorship fees for the entire 2009 FLW Outdoors tournament season, according to an article on the World Fishing Network's Web site.

Genmar chairman Irwin Jacobs is also head of FLW Outdoors, which bills itself as the world's largest fishing tournament organization. Jacobs purchased a Kentucky-based bass tournament in July 1996 and renamed it FLW Outdoors, after Forrest L. Wood, the founder of Ranger Boats.

"FLW Outdoors has had a long-term sponsorship and working relationship with Evinrude as a premier sponsor of FLW Outdoors and its tournaments," Jacobs said.

"In 2009, FLW Outdoors received confirmation from Evinrude officials both in writing and verbally that Evinrude had agreed to the continuance of their sponsorship with FLW Outdoors at about the same level of sponsorship fees for 2009 as they had in 2008," he added.

In addition, FLW Outdoors said it paid the Evinrude Pro Staff almost $100,000 in the 2009 season for performance-based commitments and is still waiting for reimbursement from Evinrude.

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