Former presidential yacht undergoing refit

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Honey Fitz, the presidential yacht John F. Kennedy renamed after his grandfather, is on the hard in Florida as craftsmen return it to its former glory.

"This boat has been cut up so much over the years it's like, What was this boat like?" Moores told The Palm Beach Post. Honey Fitz is undergoing the refit at Moores' Riviera Beach shop, Moores Marine of the Palm Beaches. "It's a beautiful boat though."

More than 30 supports are holding the yacht in place while James Moores and crew try to realign the hull and replace much of the 93-footer's underside.

The yacht served five U.S. presidents, but it was President Kennedy who made her famous, renaming it after his grandfather, John F. Fitzgerald, known to many as "Honey Fitz."

William Kallop, who now owns the yacht, commissioned Moores to repair a section of the hull, but the project has since expanded into a large-scale restoration.

Moores, who contacted presidential libraries to learn the history of the boat, was able to obtain the original lines from Bowling Green State University.

"These boats are disappearing at such a rapid rate, and once they're gone they're not going to come back," Moores said. "We're losing our maritime history."

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