Gamma Yachts delivers 72-footer to Andrea Bocelli

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Gamma Yachts delivered the 72.5-foot M/Y Libertas to opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

The Gamma 20 is the third in what the company calls “mini superyachts” and is designed by the Dutch company Vripack.

Bocelli, who previously owned several vessels in the same size range, said the newly delivered Gamma 20 is his favorite. “I love the way space has been arranged so that our large extended family can be together, enjoying closeness and intimacy, while at the same time respecting everybody’s privacy,” he said in a statement.

“A yacht must meet precise needs and be able to make us feel at ease; it must comply with — and express both architecturally and technically — the same priorities as those living on it. Coziness, warm materials, safety, low noise levels and comfort: These were my needs, and they have been fully met. I needed a solid, safe and comfortable boat, and I am very happy with my choice in the Gamma 20,” Bocelli said.

For the exterior, Bocelli specified that a table and sofa be placed forward of the wheelhouse to offer true immersion into the surroundings, particularly when underway. There is also a custom-built diving board on the extended flybridge to jump off the uppermost point of the yacht and the hull is painted an eye-catching metallic electric blue.

“The main elements of the Gamma 20 that are dictated to a client are the hull and superstructure shape,” Gamma Yachts CEO Guido Bonandrini said. “Almost all other aspects can be adapted to the client’s tastes, much like you would expect on a yacht of a larger size. Particularly to the exterior flybridge, we have seen major variations in each of the vessels delivered so far.”