GE Capital unveils online inventory tracker

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GE Capital's Commercial Distribution Finance is enhancing its online business intelligence tool for technology distributors and the manufacturers of large-ticket durable goods, the company announced.

Analytics Online provides detailed metrics and real-time reports on retailers in more than 10 industries, including marine, motorsports, electronics and appliances, and lawn and garden.

"If we find that models that used to sell in less than 30 days are sitting in the dealer's lot for 60-plus days, it might make it easier for us to decide to speed up production of one of our top-selling models while cutting back on less popular ones," Jeff Malehorn, president and CEO of Commercial Distribution Finance and a GE company officer, said in a statement.

"Manufacturers and distributors are operating in a slow-growth, cost-constrained environment today," he added. "These companies are very interested in using data and technology to help them drive efficiencies through their large dealer networks."

Analytics Online also allows the manufacturer to determine in real time which dealers are performing according to expectations by examining the upward and downward trends in outstanding dealer invoices.

Based on this information, a manufacturer might reach out to high-performing dealers to benchmark their sales techniques or take note of their product mix, then use those findings to help the struggling dealers in its network.