Georgia marina lease up for grabs

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District announced that the lease for Little River Marina and Family Resort in Appling, Ga., on J. Strom Thurmond Lake will expire at midnight Dec. 27.

All marina operations and facilities will close at that time.

The marina lease will be advertised by competitive means in an effort to award a lease and provide a public marina facility as soon as possible before the spring-summer 2012 recreation season, according to the Army Corps.

The Corps of Engineers plans to issue a Notice of Availability to Lease in January. Interested bidders will be able to view the notice and other requirements through the Engineers’ Savannah District website.

Army Corps officials last month said they would not renew the lease for the marina, which has been operated by Pam Bugg and her family since 1986, the Columbia County News-Times newspaper reported.

In announcing the end of the lease, Clarks Hill Lake operations project manager Scott Hyatt said the Corps “has not been satisfied with the current business, and we want to exercise our right to go out and find an operator who would better meet the demands of the public.”

According to a marina brokerage website,, the business is for sale and the asking price was reduced to $1 million.

Although marina operations will be temporarily unavailable until a new lease is in place, the boat ramp will reopen Jan. 2 on a limited basis for public use.

In the interim, additional facilities providing public recreation opportunities are available at other locations on Thurmond Lake, including five commercial marinas, six state parks, four county parks, 13 Engineers-operated campgrounds, eight Corps-operated day-use areas and numerous quasi-public organizational lease sites.