Geosat Solutions reports early 2012 revenue

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Geosat Solutions, manufacturers of the Wave WiFi product line, reported a 36 percent increase in gross revenue for the first six months of 2012 from the same period last year.

Unit sales for the same period increased 39 percent, according to a statement from the Hollywood, Fla., company.

Although the entire product line experienced an increase, the big gainers were the two EC-HP (high-power) models and the popular Rogue Wave.

“This impressive increase in revenue and market share is a direct reflection of the great job our resellers are doing and the continued high degree of customer satisfaction with Wave WiFi products,” Geosat president Al Behrendt said in a statement. “By responding to the requests of Wave WiFi resellers, our ‘new product development team’ aided the sales increase by bringing two new products to market this year. Both the Rogue Wave Pro and the Marine Broadband Router are gaining in popularity each month and will have a very positive impact on sales for the year.”

Today it is common for a boat to have multiple options available for Internet access.

These include Satellite (VSAT or Fleet Broadband), cellular and WiFi. Until now, options for switching between these sources have been limited and expensive. Geosat Solutions addressed this challenge with the introduction of the Marine Broadband Router.

Geosat Solutions is a manufacturer and systems integrator for the marine industry, specializing in technical communications solutions. Founded in 1994, the company’s primary focus is Wave WiFi Internet access for vessels and marine facilities worldwide.

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