Giant blue marlin attacks press boat

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A giant blue marlin became aggressive after being hooked and attacked the press boat Tuesday on the second day of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament off Kailua-Kona.

A Pacific blue marlin, it was estimated to weigh more than 500 pounds. It leaped and started "careening through the air in every conceivable direction, throwing massive walls of water and leaving car-size holes in the water when it came crashing down," according to a firsthand report on

Crewman K.J. Robinson had taken the rod and was fighting the billfish, while Jon Schwartz grabbed his cameras and began to shoot.

Then the marlin suddenly turned and charged the boat. "Now mind you, I am watching all of this through my 300-millimeter telephoto lens. I was so focused on getting the shot that I probably lost sense of what was really happening in terms of how the fish was behaving," Schwartz wrote.

"Many of [the tournament participants] have been fishing for giant marlin their whole lives and said that they had never seen anything like it, and they'd never seen a fish act like that or move that fast," Schwartz wrote.

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