Go Boating NJ offers boater resources


The Marine Trades Association of New Jersey is continuing its Go Boating NJ campaign, offering current conditions of New Jersey’s waterways, safety information and resources for boaters.

In New Jersey, there are 127 miles of coastline, hundreds of miles of bay-shore, many inland lakes and tributaries and 17 of 21 counties bordering on saltwater.

The Go Boating NJ initiative was launched in 2013 to provide boaters throughout the region with accurate and current information on the condition of New Jersey's waterways.

"The Go Boating NJ campaign will be sharing boating information, tips and resources as well as highlighting some of NJ's most popular boating areas," said MTA/NJ executive director Melissa Danko in a statement. "The GoBoatingNJ.org website is a valuable resource for all boaters that live in New Jersey or vacation here.”

When Hurricane Sandy came ashore in late October 2012, reports of unprecedented destruction to marine facilities, navigation aids and channels left boaters wondering if there would be a boating season in 2013.

The initiative was launched to address those concerns by providing coverage of the restoration efforts taking place each day by scores of volunteers and organizations, as well as municipal, state and federal agencies. A new website, goboatingnj.org was created and included videos, links and boating resources.

In 2017, Go Boating NJ will promote boating all season long through its social-media outlets, news releases and the website. The GoBoatingNJ.org website directly links to safety information, rules and regulations from the U.S. Coast Guard and the New Jersey State Marine Police.

The site also includes a multitude of clean boating practices, a list of launch sites and pump out locations.

Businesses can become a yearly sponsor of the Go Boating NJ campaign with a donation of $500 for MTA/NJ members and $900 for non-members.

Sponsors will be listed on the GoBoatingNJ.org website, social media channels, news releases and more, and funds raised will directly support New Jersey's recreational boating industry.


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