GOST GPS system along for ‘Mobile CEO’ voyage

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The Nav-Tracker GPS tracking system from boat security systems supplier Global Ocean Security Technologies will be used to monitor the progress of Three Little Birds, a Lagoon 500 catamaran, on a three-year circumnavigation.

Boat captain Scott Leonard and his family (wife Mandi, and sons Griffin, Jake and Luke) will set sail in July. Leonard plans to become “The Mobile CEO” — running his multimillion-dollar financial services firm while sailing around the world on his 50-foot yacht.

“With so many people interested in following the progress of our trip, having GOST's Nav-Tracker GPS tracking system on our boat is critical to providing up-to-date, fully automated location information. Add to that the peace of mind provided with the geofence when we have to leave the boat in remote locations to return home for work,” Scott Leonard said in a statement.

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