Groups join on clean-ocean initiative

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Mystic Seaport and Sailors for the Sea entered into a strategic partnership to promote ocean stewardship among their members and the public at large.

Recognizing that recreational boaters have a unique opportunity to help protect and restore the waters they value, the Connecticut and Rhode Island organizations will work together to increase awareness of ocean health and what can be done to address its problems, such as ocean acidification, marine pollution and overfishing.

"Part of our mission as a maritime museum should be thinking about the well-being of the sea," Mystic Seaport president Steve White said in a statement. "We can no longer take for granted the future health of the waters we sail upon. By working with Sailors for the Sea we believe we can educate sailors on ways to leave a cleaner ocean for future generations."

The two groups will explore ways to share expertise and support each other's initiatives within their memberships and with the greater boating community.


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