Grow Boating annual report sees solid gains


The 2007 Grow Boating annual report, highlighting the results of all the Grow Boating programs, including a 2007 financial overview, is now available online at

The report shows that 94 percent of the program’s funding last year came from boat and engine assessments. That accounted for about $12 million. Four percent of the funds came from the Rising Tide Fund and 2 percent were from accessory manufacturer contributions.

In 2007, 92 percent of the program’s money, about $12.5 million, went to marketing. Other funds were used for the water access task force, industry communications and governance and contributions to marine certification.

This year, Grow Boating hopes to raise $11.7 million through the Grow Boating boat and engine assessment and $1.05 million from additional sources, such as the Rising Tide contributions and from the NMMA boat and trade show contributions.

“Though industry sales are soft, there’s no question that Discover Boating is getting more people interested in boating. Boating participation numbers are up strongly the past two years. We know participation precedes purchase,” Thom Dammrich, president of the NMMA and Grow Boating, Inc., said this morning. “All of our metrics tell us Grow Boating is working. I hope everyone will take the time to read the annual report and share their feedback.”

It was reported that has experienced a 54 percent increase over the same time period last year, with 1.7 million visits recorded from October 2007 to date.

"Get Started in Boating" DVD distribution is up 476 percent over last year and was the most visited page on in April 2008.

Hot prospects directed through the lead system, which is offered to contributors of the Grow Boating Initiative, are up 316 percent year-to-date on average. The "Get Started in Boating" signup page and the Boat Selector Tool, another top-visited page, serve as the primary lead generation vehicles on the Web site.

The annual report also details financial information about the marine certification program, Discover Boating and the Water Access Alliance, formerly known as the Water Access Task Force.

— Beth Rosenberg