Guy Harvey foundation takes part in “Shark Week” events

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The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is using the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” to help viewers distinguish fact from fiction during Shark Preservation Week at the Florida Science Center and Aquarium in West Palm Beach.

The event continues through Friday with shark-inspired crafts, activities and presentations at the science center.Ongoing activities include touch tank demos and feedings, shark tooth labs, “Science on a Sphere” presentations on shark migration, edible ocean and shark hat crafts, shark conservation movies and a promise-pact to preserve sharks.

The foundation will show two films — “This is Your Ocean: Sharks” and “Whale Sharks of the Yucatan”— and will premiere the trailer from its newest film, “Sharks of the World” and discuss the latest in shark research and conservation.

Hannah Medd, a local marine biologist who is working to effectively apply scientific research to the shark conservation message, will present and answer questions today.

“We love the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week,” Science Center CEO Lew Crampton said in a statement. “It is a great opportunity to bring awareness to shark preservation efforts, with the science center serving as a next step for continued education. Local guests and out-of-town visitors can come in to learn more about what they saw on TV —and they can learn with interactive demonstrations, such as the touch tank or Science on a Sphere.

“With the largest fresh and saltwater aquarium from Miami to Orlando and a full-time aquarium curator, we are perfectly positioned to serve as an ongoing community resource and we are thrilled to have the support of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation this year.”

Raising awareness about a Monster Shark Tournament, a decades-old kill tournament in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where the movie “Jaws”was filmed, was a huge step for the foundation, executive director Tony Fins told Trade Only earlier this year. The foundation got a lot of attention last year when it implemented a catch-and-tag shark-fishing tournament in Montauk, N.Y., called Shark’s Eye.

That and other Guy Harvey tournaments feature satellite tagging for research purposes, the mandatory use of circle hooks and live streaming from boats to shore.

The data also give detailed information to fishery managers, instead of guesses.