Hargrave Custom Yachts signs management service deal


VesselVanguard, a Web-based subscription service that organizes manuals, maintenance schedules and warranty requirements for onboard systems to create a digital boat profile, announced a new partnership with luxury yacht designer, builder and distributor Hargrave Custom Yachts.

Introduced to the boat management service by a client requesting VesselVanguard for a 125-foot Hargrave custom yacht, Hargrave president Mike DiCondina was convinced that a partnership would add value for existing customers by providing enhanced yacht management, the company announced.

Hargrave plans to introduce the VesselVanguard service to more than 100 of its customers to simplify the management of their 70- to 135-foot vessels, enhance the owner experience and increase long-term satisfaction. Hargrave customers may select to be provisioned with a complete VesselVanguard Boat Profile, including a digital master equipment list, a library of manuals and a customized maintenance calendar for the timely upkeep requirements of all on-board systems.

“Hargrave Custom Yachts can have over 150 different systems to maintain and service on the vessel,” DiCondina said in a statement. “VesselVanguard offers seamless organization to manage these complex systems and keep them in top working condition. The service will ‘push’ monthly Task Alerts to the owner, captain and Hargrave Management in advance of need, based on elapsed days or hours between required service intervals to not only enhance servicing convenience and add peace of mind for our yacht owners, but to provide Hargrave a key tool for its industry-leading support and delivery of unparalleled value.”

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