Helping Hands

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Coast Guard photo

Coast Guard photo

The Coast Guard Foundation activated its Emergency Response Fund to help Coast Guard personnel and their families impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Emergency Response Fund has funded 125 quarantine spaces at Coast Guard bases around the country and sent funds to more than 25 deployed cutters, the Coast Guard Foundation said in a statement.

Keeping health and safety a priority, the Coast Guard must continue its everyday tasks, as well as coordinating with the maritime industry to ensure ports and waterways enable the movement of fuel, medical supplies and consumer goods.

“The Coast Guard is building an increasing inventory of campers, trailers and rental units at its small bases across the nation in which to quarantine or isolate Coast Guard members who would otherwise live in barracks,” said Susan Ludwig, president of the Coast Guard Foundation, in the statement.

“The foundation is stepping up to equip these spaces with modest amenities to maintain the morale and well-being of these Coast Guard members. We recently outfitted our 100th quarantine unit, and we continue to provide other vital support to Coast Guard members as America’s maritime first responders.”