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Humans and dogs rescued from the Bahamas

Grateful survivors after their rescue. Photo courtesy of the Tribune.

Grateful survivors after their rescue. Photo courtesy of the Tribune.

Volunteers using between 12 and 15 boats rescued 500 stranded Abaco residents after conducting searches for survivors over the past few days.

Volunteer Adam Darville told The Tribune that the volunteer effort included the powerboat that was used to deliver supplies from Spanish Wells. “It’s very encouraging the numbers that we were able to rescue,” Darville said in a statement. “Most of the people we rescued were all in pretty good shape physically — mainly sunburned and stuff.”

Volunteer Darville did what he had to do.

Volunteer Darville did what he had to do.

In a related story, more than 50 dogs rescued from the Bahamas Humane Society arrived in West Palm Beach Monday morning on the 240-foot yacht, Laurel. Arranged by the Loxahatchee-based Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the 240-foot vessel was donated by its owner.

“They’ve been cleaning up the cages and stuff every day, and we’ve been walking them around the boat every day as well,” Wikus Botes, chief officer aboard Laurel, told WPTV, the Miami NBC affiliate.

The dogs had been separated from their owners during Dorian. “They’re in need and they’re defenseless,” Debbie Hilton of Big Dog Ranch told the TV station.

The dogs will be quarantined and attempts will be made to reunite them their owners. Those that aren’t returned to their owners will be available for adoption in about two weeks.

Interested adopters can visit



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