Hurricane relief fundraising effort set for Annapolis shows

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Annapolis Boat Shows, Pusser's Caribbean Grille and the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel are coordinating a fundraising effort for hurricane relief at the U.S. Sailboat Show, set for Oct. 5-9, and the U.S. Powerboat Show, slated for Oct. 12-15.

Annapolis Boat Shows has pledged $5,000 and is challenging maritime businesses and area boaters to match or exceed that amount.

"A wonderful thing about boating is being a part of a community of caring people who share the love of the sea and exploring the beautiful islands of the Caribbean,” said Annapolis Boat Shows president Paul Jacobs in a statement. “In that spirit we created 'Hands Across the Transom.' Working with our exhibitors we will shine a spotlight on the compassion of the marine industry and its boating customers.”

"Many people who live and work in the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Florida and Texas need our help,” Jacobs said. “Their homes and their lives have been shattered. The Annapolis Boat Shows is working closely with members of the community and local businesses to raise at least $150,000.”


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