I-Bos Limited debuts new superyacht software


I-Bos Limited recently launched new cloud-based crew management software.

Cello Marine software is already used on 250 superyachts to assist in crew management and can be accessed anywhere via the company’s cloud.

“The main benefit of using Cello Marine on the cloud is access. Yacht managers can now access crew information, payroll, yacht information and reports from the office, their home, departure lounges [or] anywhere they can get an Internet connection,” I-Bos’s Martyn Cain said in a statement. “With no installation time and automatic updates, we have already seen a reduction in response times to action captain’s requests, thanks to Cello Marine Dashboard’s seamlessly integrated module for captains.”

Cloud-based document management not only saves space on company servers, but also saves energy and can be known to reduce energy consumption as much as 30 percent, according to the company.


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