IMI boatyard tour scheduled for October


The International Marina Institute, the training subsidiary of the Association of Marina Industries, scheduled its seventh annual Southeast Florida Marina and Boatyard Study Tour for Oct. 29-30.

The two-day tour will depart daily from the B Ocean Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. The tour is a mobile training course that takes participants on exclusive tours of marinas and boatyards to provide an in-depth look at the operations of different types of facilities in South Florida. At the end of each day, attendees participate in a facilitated roundtable discussion and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of each marina before heading to a networking dinner.

“The experience of seeing multiple facilities in person and evaluating each is invaluable to our members and marina industry professionals,” IMI training coordinator Kayce Florio said in a statement. “Participants learn how to examine their own operations and facilities, which ultimately improves their businesses.”

The tour will depart from the B Ocean each day and the hotel will serve as the location of the classroom portion of the course.

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