IMI conference to discuss climate change

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The International Marina Institute, a subsidiary of the Association of Marina Industries, is offering a one-day conference July 28 in Warwick, R.I., on oceans and climate change.

"Our Changing Coastline: Understanding the Facts, the Fiction and the Reality," will focus on climate change and its various effects on the marina industry.

"Climate change and global warming have received increased attention in recent years as the scientific community and policymakers work to understand large-scale climatic changes - real or perceived," said Jim Frye, president and chair of AMI, in a statement.

"This conference will provide a unique opportunity for the marina industry to review known facts with leading scientists, to learn about the growing set of policies coastal states are considering in order to deal with sea-level rise and to begin building industry-specific response," he added.

For information on the event, contact IMI at (401) 247-0314, or click here.