IMI offers marine design workshop


Marina managers and owners have a shot at getting a free extensive consultation with other industry leaders as part of a new workshop called “Marina Makeover: An Interactive Experience.”

The International Marina Institute, a training subsidiary of the Association of Marina Industries, is calling for marinas that want to participate in the two-day interactive, hands-on workshop Oct. 21-22 at the Renaissance Boca Raton in Boca Raton, Fla.

At least five U.S. marinas will be selected to participate in a case study analyzing all aspects of the property, according to AMI events coordinator Rachel LaMarre, events coordinator for AMI. Participants will break out into groups to perform the case studies, LaMarre said.

“We’ll have a group of experts working with each group,” LaMarre said. “They’ll spend a whole morning most of the day working on a case study with each marina.”

Through intensive group discussion focusing on marina redesign and operations, participants will provide ideas for improvement and prepare their analyses with the rest of the groups in presentations.

“They will discuss how to use property more efficiently, from operations to marina design, and take into consideration things like engineering, fuel, safety, electrical systems, environmental concerns, storm preparation — all the things you’d think about if you were going to redesign your marina,” LaMarre told Soundings Trade Only. “They’ll also come up with new marketing techniques.”

Marinas hire consultants to advise them, so this extensive process probably would be pricey.

“I think the key to this being so interactive is everyone who’s there is going to get so much out of it,” LaMarre said. “Marina managers, owners, operators — everyone is welcome. That’s the main audience, but even industry consultants may want to come and see what ideas people are coming up with.”

Case study marinas will need to provide information about their facility to IMI to be distributed to workshop participants. The materials include, but are not limited to:

• Basic facility information (how many slips, type of slips, size of boats that can be accommodated, location, wait times for different size boats, number of employees, etc.)

• Estimated costs for 2012

• Annual prices, occupancy and amenities comparison between their facility and two others in their area

• Existing site plan (8.5 x 11 and blueprint size)

• Bathymetric survey

• Sample marketing materials

Marinas interested in being considered for selection should contact LaMarre at

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Reagan Haynes


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