Indiana Family Sinks Two Vehicles Trying to Rescue Sinking Boat

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everything sank

A couple of automotive publications had some fun at the expense of a family that made a series of curious choices when their boat began sinking on Cedar Lake in Indiana.

Lifts Ladders and Docks posted on Facebook that a customer sent pictures of a family that wound up on a sinking Pavati AL 26 wake boat worth more than $300,000, and then swamped his Jeep Wrangler and Ford Raptor while trying to drag the boat out of the water.

“Should have tried the helicopter first,” said the dealer. and The Drive had a field day.

Caleb Jacobs called the move “a bit of a headscratcher” on The Drive, saying that deploying the Jeep Wrangler was questionable given the depth of the water.

“For a boat, it was shallow. For a couple of trucks, no matter their four-wheeling pedigree, it was way too deep,” wrote Jacobs.

“These vehicles are rugged, but that doesn’t mean you should drive them in a lake,” wrote Chris Bruce for

“Your boat is sinking fairly close to the dock,” wrote Jacobs. “Once you are safe, how do you react? If your answer is to drive a Jeep Wrangler and Ford F-150 Raptor into the lake in an effort to save the stricken watercraft, then you're thinking like this family in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Things don't go well, judging by the video and photos.”

Check out a video of the mayhem here.


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