Industry mourns Ronstan co-founder


Stan Lenepveu, one of the founders of sailboat hardware company Ronstan, died last week at the age of 89.

The “Stan” in Ronstan, Lenepveu co-founded the company in 1953 with Ron Allatt.

“Without him, many of us would wonder what we would be doing these days,” Ronstan managing director Alistair Murray said in an email.

After more than two decades in business together, Allatt and Lenepveu sold the business to ARC (Australian Reinforced Concrete) Industries in 1977 as part of that company’s endeavor to diversify into the leisure industry.

Lenepveu retired six months later, but Allatt stayed on as general manager for another five years before retiring. About 1980, Humes Industries purchased ARC.

Even in retirement Lenepveu “kept his eye on the business,” popping in three or four times a year, Ronstan International U.S. general manager Scot West said.

“He was a fine ‘Sharpie’ sailor and a skilled boatbuilder of boats such as Dragons and the Flying Dutchman,” Murray said in the email. “Stan was a down-to-earth toolmaker who was talented, gruff, no-nonsense and emotional, and Ronstan was his life. I will never forget teaching him how to tie his tie as we rode the elevator up to the reception held the day the company was sold.”