Interior Department details fish and wildlife funds


More than $740 million will be distributed to fish and wildlife agencies around the country to fund boater access to public waters, conservation efforts and hunter and aquatic education, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced.

The funds come from excise taxes and import duties on sporting firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, sportfishing equipment, electric outboards and fuel taxes attributable to powerboats and small engines.

"The funds raised under the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs have helped conserve our fish and wildlife resources and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation for more than half a century,” Interior secretary Ken Salazar said in a statement.

“All those who pay into this program — the hunting and fishing industries, boaters, hunters, anglers, and recreational shooters — should take pride in helping to conserve our land and its fish and wildlife and provide benefits to all Americans who cherish the natural world and outdoor recreation,” he added.

Visit the service's Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program Web site for state, commonwealth and territory funding allocations.