Iran unveils missile-carrying speedboats

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Iran announced it has begun producing two types of missile-equipped speedboats, a day after the country unveiled a long-range drone that can carry bombs.

"Enemies should be careful not to play with fire," defense minister Ahmad Vahidi said on state television at the opening ceremony for the vessels' production lines. "If they attack Iran, our response will not be limited to one region and will be unpredictable."

The Seraj-1 is a rapid-assault vessel that can operate in stormy weather, while the Zolfaqar can travel at 82 miles per hour and is equipped with the Nasr missile to strike enemy ships, Vahidi said, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

The Karrar is Iran's first domestically built drone. It can carry as many as four cruise missiles and two 250-pound bombs and has a range of 620 miles, according to state television.

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