Island Pilot to unveil no-emissions yacht at Lauderdale show


Island Pilot LLC of Miami this fall will introduce what the company says is the first no-emissions production motoryacht in America.

The Island Pilot DSe Hybrid 12m will debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Oct. 30-Nov. 3 .

Company president Reuben Trane expects the yacht to be seen as the most economic as well as environmentally friendly choice in yachting because of its efficiency. This was accomplished by the use of technology that combines diesel, solar and electric power — the components that make up the DSe acronym.

“There are so many reasons this boat makes sense in today’s environment,” Trane said in a statement. “At a time with record-high oil prices, we are bringing to market a product that will dramatically reduce the most visible expense of a recreational motorboat — the cost of diesel. The DSe’s efficiency will make all the difference in the world when compared to other luxury yachts. Plus, she’s ready for alternative fuels. The DSe’s Steyr ‘monoblock’ engine runs equally well on biodiesel.”

Measuring 12 meters (39 feet, 6 inches) and utilizing a 6-kw solar array and a 20-kwh battery bank, the DSe Hybrid 12m can make 7 knots in “zero-emissions” mode, using only electric power, or up to 13 knots using diesel power, according to the company. Additionally, enough solar energy can be produced while at anchor to support a comfortable lifestyle without the need to run a diesel generator.

“Our goal from the initial concept stages two years ago was to deliver 6 knots on solar energy alone,” said Trane. “Sea trials earlier this year proved it can be done. We feel the DSe represents a real breakthrough, opening the door to a new era of environmentally friendly and efficient cruising yachts.”

The introductory price of a DSe Hybrid 12m is $600,000. Island Pilot is currently taking orders, with the first boats being delivered in early 2009.



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