Jeppesen releases new electronic charts


Jeppesen Marine released the fall 2009 edition of its C-MAP MAX electronic charts, providing boaters with thousands of Notice-to-Mariner corrections, expanded coverages and new chart features to enhance the navigational experience.

Updates for navigational safety have also been made to Jeppesen Marine's NT+ electronic chart database.

Jeppesen Marine's fall 2009 release features expanded coverage areas for key boating regions, including expansion of Northeast United States MAX chart NA-M026 to include all of the coast charts for Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and the Long Island area of New York. Jeppesen Marine also expanded coverage of this chart to include the Hudson River in its entirety.

The fall  release of MAX chart NA-M024 features an extended southern border to include the region around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Additional coverage changes include expanding the northeastern section of MAX chart NA-M027 to include coverage of the Jacksonville, Fla. area.

The fall 2009 release also gives MAX users an additional 1,380 photos of U.S., Canadian and Caribbean harbors, marinas and inlets, providing navigators with important visual references for safer navigation.

In addition, Jeppesen Marine's saltwater Fishing Contour Charts have been updated with 2009-2010 fishing regulations and records.

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