Kansas gas station is first to offer E15

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The first service station in the country to offer E15 has started to sell it.

In Lawrence, Kan., a Phillips 66 station with 14 gas pumps and four for diesel that mix in soy biodiesel with the petroleum has begun to offer the newly approved fuel, which has 15 percent ethanol, according to The New York Times.

“Being in the Midwest, offering renewables from ethanol and biodiesel fuel are just a natural fit for us,” station owner Scott Zaremba told the newspaper.

Zaremba and other ethanol advocates acknowledge that it will be difficult to persuade motorists to fill up with E15.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency has approved the fuel for cars with a model year of 2001 and later, most major automakers are warning customers to stay away, saying they are not convinced it is safe for engines.

The marine industry has lobbied against the higher concentration of ethanol because it is not fashioned for boat engines.

Ethanol production has fallen sharply in recent weeks because of rising corn prices, and in the past few weeks four plants with a total annual production capacity of more than 350 million gallons have said they will close, according to the article.

Fuel ethanol deliveries once were expected to show steady increases, but the pace of growth has wavered with overall motor fuel sales.

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