Koch brothers launch anti-tariff ad campaign

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CNBC reports that Charles and David Koch plan to launch a multimillion-dollar ad campaign against U.S. tariffs, starting on Monday. The campaign will call on Congress to support free trade policies and abandon protectionist goals.

“To keep growing, we must keep trading,” the ad says. "Tariffs are not the answer. Tell Washington: Support freedom. Oppose tariffs."

Freedom Partners and two other Koch network groups, Americans for Prosperity and the Libre Initiative, are sending letters to Congress asking them to support the Global Trade Accountability Act, a bill sponsored by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. The legislation requires Congress to review and approve any tariffs proposed by the executive branch.

"Tariffs are taxes that make Americans poorer. They raise our cost of living and force higher expenses on our businesses," James Davis, vice president of Freedom Partners, said in a statement. "These ads are an important part of our overall campaign, which also includes significant plans for grassroots mobilization and public education," he added.