Lake Havasu offers ‘Designated Captain’ program


Just in time for Memorial Day, boaters on Lake Havasu in Arizona can hire a "designated captain" as part of a boater safety campaign.

“Designated Captain is a logical and much-needed next step in our effort to minimize the number of intoxicated boat operators on the water, especially on busy holiday weekends,” Lake Havasu Marine Association president and CEO Jim Salscheider said in a statement.

The association has compiled a list of local certified Coast Guard captains who are licensed to provide for-hire boat driving services to the general public, using their own boat or a rental.

“It has become apparent, thanks to our Designated Operator awareness campaign, that an increasing number of boaters understand the seriousness involved while operating a boat under the influence of excessive alcohol or drugs,” Salscheider said. “If boaters want to avoid that possibility entirely they now have a means to do so by hiring a sober Coast Guard captain to do the driving for them.”


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