Landing School upgrades resource center

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The Landing School, a post-secondary institution focused on educating marine industry professionals, used a donation to update its Learning Resource Center.

The S/V Patience Learning Resource Center at the school in Arundel, Maine, now has new computers and a new design for the computer space.

"These new resources will no doubt help our students meet the demands of their chosen program," Learning Resource Center supervisor Barbara Bolko said in a statement. "The students are really enjoying the space, and with access to online resources they can do research from home, on the road or here in the library. It's a great step for the school and we're very proud of our efforts to continually improve the services we offer our students."

Founded in 1978, The Landing School's inaugural program focused on wooden-boat building. Today the school has grown to incorporate diploma and associate's degree curriculums with concentrations in five programs: wooden boat building (small and cruising boats), composite boat building, marine systems and yacht design.


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