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Latitudes & Attitudes publications have new owner


Sextant Publishing announced its acquisition of Latitudes & Attitudes Seafaring International.

In addition to the flagship publication, the transaction includes a secondary title, Living Aboard, the Seafaring Store and all of the venue operations.

“We have already assumed day-to-day operations of Latitudes & Attitudes from FTW Publishing to ensure a smooth transition, with the transaction expected to be complete by the end of Q4 2011,” Sextant Publishing president and CEO DJ Doran said in a statement. “We are pleased to include Latitudes & Attitudes and all of the peripheral intellectual assets of this micromedia company into our growing portfolio of niche publications.”

Bob Lipkin, who is better known as Bob Bitchin, initially began writing a newsletter during his five years sailing the world's oceans aboard Lost Soul with his wife, Jody. The newsletter, sent to 300 readers, shared his experiences of the real cruising "lifestyle." The final newsletter included an announcement that a new "boating lifestyle" magazine was being launched, and Latitudes & Attitudes was born.

During the last 15 years, Latitudes & Attitudes expanded its operations to include television, radio, exotic charters, boat show operations and a store.

Plans for the magazine include fresher content, the launch of an iPad and Kindle application, expanded TV development and new lines of products for the Seafaring Store.

“Our goal is to preserve the style and feel of the magazine and its peripheral operations while redeveloping its core businesses to better serve our loyal fans and introduce the magazine to a new generation of readers,” Doran said.

Lipkin will remain publisher of the magazine until the end of the year, when he becomes publisher emeritus, Doran said.

“I am looking forward to working with DJ and his team during this transition and beyond,” Lipkin said in a statement. “The partners in Sextant Publishing share my vision for the magazine and the same passion for cruising and the cruising lifestyle, and I am very happy that Latitudes & Attitudes is being passed on to fellow sailors and enthusiasts.”


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