Learn to Sail offers holiday deal on CD-ROM

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LearnToSail.ws is offering a holiday wholesale package of its "Learn to Sail with Multimedia" Vol. I and II CD-ROM at a special buy one, get one free deal until Dec.15.

The campaign is geared toward marine retailers and sailing schools to provide a way to continue to make a profit in a challenging economy. Also being offered at a low price is the "Learn Coastal Navigation with Multimedia Training" CD-ROM, a beginner navigation program designed to teach and give aspiring boaters a jump-start on their navigational education.

"We have had great success so far with this program in the past and wanted to run it again for this holiday season so retailers can put it on their shelves or website and offer it to first-time sailors and purchasers of boats," Learn to Sail CEO Linda Cullum said in a statement.

"This is an exclusive offer designed to benefit those who purchase during this time period by having a double profit for the price of one," she added

The programs are designed to run on all versions of Windows and are easy to install.

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