Boaters once only had the option of above-waterline installations with Raritan waste treatment systems, but the updated ManaGerm can now be fitted up to 10 feet below the waterline with a pump-up kit.

A Coast Guard-certified Type II marine sanitation device, the ManaGerm provides onboard sewage treatment for up to 12 people per day, says the company. Through an aerobic process, the innovative unit employs air, water and naturally occurring bacteria to biologically convert waste into water and carbon dioxide. Constructed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant polyethylene, the ManaGerm is simple to install and maintain; the MSD requires no special tools. Releasing no foul odors, it operates with fresh-, brackish- and saltwater. Measuring 56-1/2” L x 24” W x 17” H, the ManaGerm is a flow-through system for black water only. An extended aeration bioreactor features two chambers. The first chamber transforms waste into water and carbon dioxide and the second allows solids to settle and clarified water to pass on to the secondary tank where disinfection takes place, says the company. The ManaGerm, aeration pump and pump-up kit all come in 120 and 240 volt AC versions. The suggested retail prices of the ManaGerm start at $4,350 and the pump-up kit costs $760. Contact: Raritan, (856) 825-4900, info@rari,



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