Manufacturer converts school into headquarters


Dock manufacturer Pier Genius recently purchased a high school in Woden, Iowa, that was closed last year, and transformed it into its manufacturing facility, indoor showroom and sales/training center.

Pier Genius also plans to add a windmill to help power the entire building.

"When we bought the building, we wanted to convert it into something productive for the community, as well as bring jobs to the area," said Jesse King, Pier Genius president, in a statement. "Woden is a small community, and the people who live here were very gracious in working with us."

The new facility is 16,800 square feet and includes a pond for research and development. The pond also serves as an outdoor showroom and material durability testing center.

"Typically, the volume of manufacturing we accomplish would require over 40,000 square feet, but our lean practice methods make us very efficient and require less space," said King.

The entire building will be completely operated by wind, solar and geothermal powers by 2015, according to King.


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