Manufacturers buy from Amazon, but don’t sell their products there

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Nearly eight out of 10 buyers use Amazon more than any other marketplace to research and buy products.

Though corporate buyers want to use Amazon even more than they already do, new research from B2BecNews shows that many manufacturers and distributors have no plans to become Amazon sellers anytime soon, according to Digital Commerce 360

That was confirmed by an informal poll during a STEP conference in Chicago this summer, during which the keynote speaker discussed how to minimize Amazon’s impact on business and how marine manufacturers should handle the constantly changing rules of e-commerce.

When asked how many manufacturers were selling directly to Amazon, only one hand went up, Trade Only editor-in-chief Michael Verdon reported in his August Letter From the Editor.

The study showed that nearly half of manufacturers that don’t sell on Amazon say they have no plans to do so.

Even fewer distributors plan to start selling on Amazon — more than 70 percent said they had no plans to do so at all.

As Verdon pointed out in his column, that could be good news for the marine industry, adding: “The truth is, while the marine equipment business is adapting to the growth of e-commerce, two-step distribution remains a viable and mostly healthy business model.”