Manufacturers offer discounts, rebates to spur sales

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Simrad-Yachting, a designer and manufacturer of marine navigation, auto steering, safety, communications and fishfinding systems announced its limited-time SD10 drive unit and autopilot dealer promotion sales package.

Between now and June 30, dealers that purchase an Autopilot package, AP24 or AP28 control unit with an AC12 computer, and FC40 fluxgate compass, will receive the Simrad SD10 sail boat drive unit for $700 off its regular dealer price.

Simrad also recently announced a limited-time end-user promotion and dealer installation credit on Simrad NX40 purchases, in conjunction with a significant price reduction.

Individuals who purchase an NX40 system from an authorized dealer between now and Aug. 31 will receive a $250 cash rebate. As an added incentive, the NX40 has a new suggested retail price of $1,749 - a savings of more than $400 for consumers.

Simrad will provide a special dealer installation credit of $200 on NX40 installs. In addition, the price change provides a dealer cost reduction resulting in a 30 percent dealer savings.

To redeem the NX40 rebate, customers must download, complete and mail in a rebate form from the Web site with proof of purchase.

For information on these programs, call (800) 628-4487 in the U.S. or (800) 661-3983 in Canada, or visit

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Northstar announced a limited-time consumer rebate promotion on its 12-inch 8000i multifunction device, in conjunction with price reductions to both the 12- and 15-inch models.

Individuals who purchase an 8000i 12-inch multifunction display, between now and Aug. 31 are eligible to receive a $500 cash rebate.

As an added incentive, the Northstar 8000i 12-inch and 15-inch models have a new suggested retail price of $4,199 and $7,899, respectively - a savings of as much as $3,200.

To take advantage of the rebate promotion, customers must purchase a Northstar 12-inch 8000i from an authorized Northstar dealer or distributor in the United States or Canada and download, complete and mail in a rebate form from with proof of purchase by Aug. 31.

For  information, call (800) 628-4487 in the U.S. or (800) 661-3983 in Canada.

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Forespar is offering a $100 consumer rebate on most of its downwind poles.

The offer applies to all Line Control whisker poles, and any spinnaker pole with a suggested retail price of more than $1,000. That includes poles constructed of either aluminum or carbon and is only valid if purchased before June 30.

To qualify, a purchaser needs to complete a rebate form and send a receipt as a proof of purchase. Forms can be obtained directly from the dealer or downloaded from the Forespar Web site.

All rebates are subject to dealer verification and will be issued directly by Forespar.


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