Marina Industry Association adds to rating system

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The Marina Industry Association announced an extension to its Gold Anchor International Rating Scheme, which provides customer service accreditation for marinas.

The extension will give marinas the option to be Gold Anchor-accredited, but without a specific 3 to 5 Gold Anchor rating, the group announced.

This non-rated option is called the Gold Anchor International General Scheme. Participation in the General Scheme is based on a marina meeting six core customer service criteria and a commitment to abide by a customer code of ethics.

Ian McAndrew, a Marine Industry Association Gold Anchor Committee member and a key architect of the Gold Anchor Rating Scheme, says the addition to the scheme will provide more marinas with the opportunity to achieve Gold Anchor customer service accreditation.

“This general scheme does not pretend to be as detailed as the 110-point rated scheme criteria that includes independent auditing,” McAndrew said in a statement. “However, it is the ideal option for marinas that do not want to be rated, but desire Gold Anchor customer service accreditation. We also anticipate the general scheme will result in an extensive network of Gold Anchor marinas across the globe, with many subsequently moving through to participate in Gold Anchor rating.”

Marina Industry Association president Andrew Chapman said the extension to the Gold Anchor Scheme was a logical move to enable more marinas to benefit from the value of the well-known Gold Anchor brand.

“Customer service is at the forefront of any successfully run marina,” Chapman said in a statement. “This new initiative enables these marinas to achieve an industry customer service accreditation based on sound foundations and linked to the association’s well-established Gold Anchor International Rating Scheme.”

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