Marine consultant signs marketing deal

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WheelHouse Technologies Inc. and Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting announced a new joint marketing and cooperation agreement.

The two companies have been cooperating since WheelHouse founder and president Barry Kallander met D'Antonio in 2007. They have supported dozens of shared customers and exchanged marine systems information.

The new agreement includes:

• Steve D'Antonio's new blog, the Marine Systems Excellence Blog, will be available on WheelHouse Technologies’ home page.

Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting is now a WheelHouse preferred service partner.

• WheelHouse discount is now available to Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting Captains Club members.

• WheelHouse Technologies’ new PM Series advertising campaign will include commentary by D'Antonio.

• WheelHouse Technologies recommends D'Antonio's pre-purchase, Captains Club and industry consulting expertise to its suppliers and customers.

“Our collaboration with Steve has had a positive impact on our customers through Steve's input to our proprietary equipment templates that provide the basis for our turnkey services,” Kallander said in a statement. “Steve and our team routinely interact in an open exchange of information that ultimately benefits the customer. We look forward to our continued and expanded relationship with Steve.”

“I have watched Barry and WheelHouse Technologies (formerly SeaKits Inc.) since they first appeared on the scene in 2006,” D’Antonio said in a statement. “Over the years I am convinced, through mine and my customer's experience using WheelHouse, that it is the most comprehensive maintenance solution available.”


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