Marine industry advocate applauds Gulf oil spill report

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The Clayton and Clayton Group, which represents more than 75 marine industry businesses affected by last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, said a recent federal report that blames BP and other companies for the catastrophe is a "win" for the industry.

“The month of September may become the most significant yet for our clients waiting for compensation from injury caused by the BP/Deepwater Horizon incident of April 20, 2010,” company president stated Glyn Johnston said in a statement.

This report, according to Clayton and Clayton, may help marine businesses more fully recover money they lost as a result of the spill. The company told Soundings Trade Only that many of its clients have received recovery offers and are evaluating whether to accept the offer or to go to court.

“Our attempt to be compliant to the needs of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has been exhaustive,” Everglades Boats CEO Bob Dougherty said in a statement. “As the months passed, the continual ‘documents requests’ became more and more frequent and seemingly without merit. It was like they couldn’t find any way to attack our validated loss [of 2010 Gulf Coast business] from the oil spill, so they just kept requesting more information and causing delays, trying to wear us out.”

Lonnie Craft, vice president of Blazer Boats, also expressed frustration with the process.

“We provided the GCCF enough paper and information about my business that they probably think they know more about it than I do and I’ve been here for 30 years,” he said in a statement. “What I do know is that the BP oil spill killed my business in 2010. Without that spill, we would have had a much better year. Who would buy a boat when there were no jobs and nowhere to use them? Eighty-five percent of our dealers are in areas affected by this spill.”

The Clayton and Clayton Group, in conjunction with law firms, is working with marine industry companies to prepare claims.