Marine industry workforce survey underway

The survey will gather data on the skill level of the current workforce.
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The survey will gather data on the skill level of the current workforce.

The American Boatbuilders and Repairers Association is addressing the U.S. marine industry’s workforce needs, challenges and solutions with a nationwide survey and a follow-up working session with experts at the Sept. 15-17 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference in Louisville, Ky., in September.

The survey will gather data on the skill level of the current workforce, basic demographic information on marine workers, hiring needs across the country, labor shortages, areas of skill deficiency and effective training solutions.

"I encourage every marine-trades employer in the U.S. to complete this important survey," ABBRA executive director Pam Lendzion said in a statement. "The resultant data will be a powerful tool — both to define where we are, and to help us create solutions for building a workforce that meets the technological challenges of our industry."

Lendzion said the data also will give the industry a statistical profile of the workforce, which state-level marine trade associations need when they appeal for state and federal funds for training programs.

The survey is being distributed throughout the country via each region’s marine trade association. Employers that have not yet received the survey can click here to access it. The results will be revealed at a daylong working session with experts at IBEX.

ABBRA is organizing the first-time event, called the Super Session, in partnership with the Marine Industry Training and Education Council, the Maine Marine Trades Association and the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association.


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