Marine Weather University launches online

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Two-time America’s Cup winner Peter Isler and veteran sailing meteorologist Chris Bedford are launching a new online educational venture, Marine Weather University.

MWU said their basic-level and advanced sessions — in single-class, 8-course and 16-course bundles — have programs that can meet the needs of both beginners and veteran seamen.

“Marine Weather University offers something for everyone,” said Isler in a statement. “There are classes on specific topics that will be of interest to some, plus full-length courses that allow the student to go as deep as they want while getting a well-rounded foundation in the field of marine weather.”

Isler says Chris Bedford — who has 35 years of experience in coastal and marine meteorology — is an excellent fit for the program.

“He’s skilled in making a sometimes complex subject understandable to the layman, and that’s been his approach to the design of the university’s classes and courses,” said Isler. “In this day and age of instant weather forecasts on your weather app du jour, our program will show why it’s so important to have a strong foundation in weather knowledge to get the most out of today’s seemingly endless weather information.”

MWU will roll out its curriculum sequentially during the course of the summer. The first class, “Clouds and Marine Weather” is slated to debut via live webinar on June 2nd. Register here.

All of MWU courses will also be available online for 24/7 access. Click here for course curriculum.