Maritime Marine Group buys Maine boatbuilder

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Maritime Marine Group recently became the new owners of Bristol Harbor Boats, the company announced.

Maritime Marine, of Augusta, Maine, is jointly owned by the principals of Kenway Corp. and is “focused exclusively on boatbuilding, marketing and distribution for the company’s marine operations.”

Bristol Harbor is the most recent marine-related acquisition for Maritime Marine, which began focusing on the marine industry in 2004 and acquired the Maritime and Maritime Skiff product lines in 2007.

It bought the assets of Southport Boats this year and also became investors in Front Street Shipyard, where the company partners on custom wood and composite yacht construction up to 145 feet.

“My partners and I have had the sincere privilege of building the Bristol Harbor line of boats for the past five years. We have experienced great satisfaction delivering Bristol Harbor Boats to our customers, and the design of the BHB19 and BHB21 is a proven success,” Bristol Harbor Boats president Greg Beers said in a statement. “In order to meet the demands of the marketplace and ensure that a quality product is continued to be delivered, we chose to sell the assets of Bristol Harbor Boats Inc. to Maritime Marine Group LLC of Augusta, Maine.

“Maritime Marine Group LLC believes in staying true to the company’s core values of providing exceptional, personal customer service, the highest quality composite products and a boat that continually exceeds its owner’s expectations,” Beers added.

Manufacturing, marketing and sales of the BHB19 and BHB21 are consolidated with Maritime Marine. Bristol Harbor will continue to support Maritime Marine with design work.

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