Marvair adds brand name, logo


Marvair announced a unified brand name - Marvair Marine - and a new logo for all of its marine products.

The brand name encompasses all of the company's marine products, from its self-contained and split systems to its chillers and air handlers and controls.


"In our other markets, the Marvair name is recognized for quality and reliability," said David Shuford, vice president of marketing for Marvair, in a statement. "As a world leader in the high-tech application of cooling electronic enclosures such as cellular telephone sites, Marvair is well-known. We want to leverage that recognition into the marine industry."

Last year was a year of growth for Marvair in the marine industry. The company introduced a new line of chillers, air handlers and controllers; expanded its network of distributors and service centers and added personnel to both sales and manufacturing operations.

To support the company's European and Middle East marine operations, an office was opened in the United Kingdom.

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