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Marvair creates new test lab


Marvair has developed a state-of-the-art test and certification lab for the company's new line of reverse-cycle marine chillers and air handlers

The primary purposes of the lab are to verify the performance of the chillers at rated conditions and to enable Marvair engineers to operate the chillers over a wide range of temperatures. This allows the HVAC designer to verify that Marvair chillers will perform as stated.

Various size chillers, over a wide range of ambient conditions, can be run in the lab. The operator selects the desired flow rates and the water temperatures of both the sea water and the air handler loop. A bank of electric heaters add heat to the loops and a separate chiller removes heat from the loops as required to maintain the desired conditions.

"By operating the chillers over a wide range of conditions in our test and certification lab, we can provide the mechanical engineer the required data to properly specify the HVAC system for the boat," engineering manager Bill Johnson said in a statement.

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