Maryland task force submits boating proposals


A special task force set up to study Maryland’s boating industry has submitted its 2008 legislative report to the governor, general assembly and the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

The report offers specific recommendations on marketing Maryland waters to out-of-state boaters and creating a more positive environment to grow and expand the state’s marine industry.

Highlights of the recommendations include:

  • proposing legislation to allow matching funds for grants to support best management practices at privately owned DNR Certified Clean Marinas
  • explore creating a single boat use permit for publicly owned boat ramps and landings, registering non-powered vessels and using the sales tax captured in the Waterway Improvement Fund
  • supporting the Marine Trades Association of Maryland’s effort to create a new consumer Web site marketing the state’s recreational boating opportunities
  • asking the Department of Legislative Services to conduct an analysis of options for extending the stay of transient boaters, while protecting the Waterway Improvement Fund
  • broadening the state’s definition of commercial waterfront property to include facilities that require direct access to, or location on, the water
  • expanding the federal definition of “commerce” to include marinas and tourism

“We believe these proposed improvements will help the industry through new and enhanced policies, programs, initiatives and statutory changes,” said Susan Zellers of the MTAM, in a statement.

Click here for the complete report.