McMurdo Group formed as safety-solutions provider

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The McMurdo Group was recently formed as an end-to-end search and rescue and maritime domain awareness company.

Composed of Orolia’s former positioning, tracking and monitoring division, McMurdo Group combines the brands Boatracs, Kannad, McMurdo and Techno-Sciences into a single-vendor provider of lifesaving and tracking solutions, including distress beacons, satellite connectivity infrastructure, monitoring/positioning software and emergency response management.

“The formation of McMurdo Group is an opportunity to lead, simplify and educate a fragmented, complex market with a unified strategy and an expansive solutions offering unparalleled in the industry today,” McMurdo Group CEO Jean-Yves Courtois said in a statement. “The end result will be the acceleration of more effective and innovative SAR and MDA solutions that will create benefits for our customers today and in the future.”

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers said the French-owned firm McMurdo Group was formed through the merger and acquisition of several marine search-and-rescue companies and will be based at Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, where the company currently develops and makes emergency rescue beacons.

The institution also said the McMurdo Group supplies almost a quarter of the world's emergency beacons used by aviation, marine and military customers, including Boeing, Airbus, the British Royal Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard.

With more than 140 years of collective experience in emergency preparedness, vessel management and rescue operations, the McMurdo Group will focus on three key strategic areas:

• Search and rescue — improving the rescue chain to further expedite recovery times

• Maritime domain awareness — driving convergence of fleet/vessel management, intrusion detection and coastal surveillance solutions to improve operations and enhance security

• Technology partner solutions — integrating technology, componentry and software platforms into third-party solutions to extend SAR and MDA systems into new markets and geographies


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