Letters to Congress urged in support of fisheries reform bill

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The Center for Sportfishing Policy and its partners, including the National Marine Manufacturers Association, have launched a media campaign to energize recreational fishing advocates and engage members of Congress and their staff about the Modern Fish Act.

The NMMA said the bill addresses the challenges facing recreational fishermen in the federal fisheries management system. The campaign is focusing its efforts on ads running in digital Washington, D.C., publications and on social media.

“But, we need your help,” the NMMA told its members. “As an individual working in recreational boating, you and your business are affected by recreational fishing regulations. That's why your members of Congress need to hear from you.”

The NMMA encouraged its members to write their congressmen in support of the bill and share information about the bill with followers in social media, staff and customers “so we can fix the broken federal fisheries management system.”